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The city of Barnesville in Georgia has been broadly known Since the "Buggy Capital of the South" due to the town's enormous production of more than 9,000 buggies annually in the late 1800s and early 1900s, thanks to the presence of four buggy businesses in Barnesville, most especially the J.G. Smith and Sons Genuine Barnesville Buggies Factory.

To honor those who have toiled in creating the famous Buggy of the 20th century and in creating the town the center of the buggy industry, the town of Barnesville retains the annual Buggy Days Festival every third week of September.

This year, the Buggy Days Festival was held on September 15 to 17 and featured a street dancing, crafts and crafts, a golf tournament, a beauty pageant, parade and a concert at the Ritz Park Amphitheater.

The beauty pageant was held before, on Sept. 9, while The 3rd yearly Barnesville Buggy Days Masonic Golf Tournament was held on Sept.. 13 in the Morgan Dairy Golf Club.

Buggy Days, which is among the greatest traditions of Barnesville, celebrates the town's heritage as the Buggy Capital of the South during the 20th century. It has been called a Top 20 Event in the Southeast for five decades and is often featured in major publications in the country.

The Buggy Days Festival has grown to become one of Georgia's biggest community festivals, which brings over 50,000 local and foreign visitors every year who want to share in town's heritage.

On its 44th year, more than 150 artists and craftsmen Joined this year's Buggy Days to sell their handmade items along Main Street. There were more than 100 arts and craft stalls and more than 25 food stalls set up during the three-day event.

Original Barnesville buggies were also on display Outdoors and at the Old Jail Museum while the parade comprised buggies, floats, horses and members of civic groups.

The parade, which was held on Saturday, started at 2:00 P.m. and has been headed by the Grand Marshal, that were earlier awarded as Outstanding Citizen for Lamar County, with beauty queens and other members of the community.

The Yearly street dance was held in the Ritz Park

And the Summer in the Sticks Country Music Concert, which is held on the 3rd Saturday of July.

Barnesville, GA

Barnesville is A town in Georgia which was once referred to as the "Buggy Capital of the South" as it produced about 9,000 buggies a calendar year, for example those who are employed by the country's presidents, during the 20th century. It is the seat of Lamar County and is included in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

Founded in 1826, Barnesville is named after neighborhood tavern Proprietor Gideon Barnes, a native of Southampton, Virginia, and also the city's first post master. Barnes introduced trade and trade at Barnesville when he built a double log cabin and an inn and a tavern, created a passenger and freight line, and opened a post office named Barnes' Store. The title of this post office was afterwards changed to Barnesville.

The historic town of Barnesville, situated only 50 miles South of Atlanta, is home to numerous murals, antique stores and lovely mansions built from the Buggy barons of the 1800s. It boasts of a historic building built in 1910 called Carnegie Library, which is now a National Historic Register Property but is currently used as a unique art studio and residence of poet and artist Cara, who restored the building. The Carnegie Library is Called a part of the Old South.

City's history with a visit in the Old Jail Museum and Archives, which includes relics from the city's history since Buggy Capital of the South.

The memorial, which also serves as a regional genealogical Research center, is made up of two distinct buildings -- the old Lamar County jail and the Crowder Bros.' gin home office.

Used by the early residents of Barnesville.

The Old Jail Museum and Archives is located at the old Lamar County Jail construction. Found in here the archives are family documents, deletes records, unions, passports, criminal records, tax digests, land lotteries, photo and manuscript collections, baptismal records, military records during the war and microfilm collections, among other records.

The museum, on the other hand, houses artifacts which were Collected from Barnesville, Milner and the neighboring districts within Lamar County. These artifacts include horse-drawn vehicles that were created in town's buggy factories like a glass hearse, a carriage, a doctor's buggy and two buggies. Additionally, there are agricultural, furniture items, textiles, printing press products, and fire department memorabilia which include the original 1927 LaFrance fire engine and 1900 brass flame bell.

Also found at the memorial are buggy company artifacts and Barnesville Bottles including soda drinks and medication bottles.

The Old Jail Museum and Archives is open only on Sundays

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